“Getting my Swag on” as here is where it all begins!!! =

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Like most of the rest of the UK, I first became aware of Cher Lloyd when she appeared on the X Factor in 2010. But I’ll admit in those days (ha ha, hic oops!) Saturday evenings were spent in the Boozer so I always missed the shows! But a number of things led me to begin to take an interest. In no particular order some of these are as follows; that Cher was mentored by Cheryl Cole and in the world of pure bubblegum pop music, didn’t Girls Aloud! just make a massive impact in the noughties?! — Also, what was written in the press about Cher where it was clear this lady had some attitude and was unwilling to play it safe – which to me speaks volumes of her courage and creativity — What people talked about at work where XFactor was always Monday mid-morning topic of conversation – once all the really important reports were done and it was possible to ease off just a little with a latte at around 11am ha ha (!) — and also that Cher was from Malvern in nearby Worcestershire and so like us, was from the West Midlands — so these things started to make me aware …
… and in July 2011 something really special happened that really made me stand up and take proper notice of Cher Lloyd. Well, stand up and take notice once I’d got back on my feet that was – as what happened simply blew me off my little peds!!!
For me, it was something really special and I only need 2 words to say what it was …
… those 2 words are … 


… da dah! …
& of course!
Cher released her debut single “Swagger Jagger” which went straight into the UK charts at Number One and in my mind, electrified them. Opinion was ignited as everyone was talking about the track. People loved it or they hated it – in what seemed to be an even split. But how I think this track really worked was down to just that. Because no matter on what side of the fence you were with it – whether you liked it or whether you didn’t – it got inside your head and got into your brain and wound you up one way or another. I just thought what an utterly brilliant single to debut with as just about everyone had an opinion on it!
It was a really feisty track and it was clear Cher Lloyd was a really feisty lady which made her really interesting. I remember seeing a picture of Cher with long pink dipped tie dye hair, her hand in a fist as if ready to punch the camera and I was like who is this person?  I admire the quirkiness, the eccentricity, the boldness and the attitude – the spirit! And I admire the obvious ‘not afraid to experiment’! Britain was always a nation of inventors after all – just that most people seem to have forgotten that now with all the woolly thinking that goes on lol! But here at last was someone I could identify with ha ha!
Also, Cher’s voice omg! As Cher can pack so much emotion into her singing! Clearly, she has more umph in her little fingernail than most! I wish I had about even a molecule of that y’know – wouldn’t go amiss lol. And this comes thru in the singing as Cher can literally send shivers down spines and so has so much appeal with the emotion in her voice. It’s so very human and just makes an amazing connection!
So anyway, I got hold of the ‘Swagger Jagger’ cd as soon as I could and totally identified with its message – I’ve played it countless times now and it always remains fresh to me.
So if you don’t like ‘Swagger Jagger’ “just get out of my way” ha ha!
 as OMG … it made me into such a BRAT!!!!
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