With Ur Love

myblogaboutcherlloydcom With Ur Love CD Single Scan (1)

The 2nd UK single from Cher Lloyd was the charming and uplifting…

‘With Ur Love’

…released in the UK 28 October 2011 and reaching chart position No. 4.
The follow-up single to ‘Swagger Jagger’ was ‘With Ur Love’, released in October 2011 just ahead of debut album ‘Sticks + Stones’. Featuring Mike Posner, this is a lovely crafted piece of pop music with a completely different style to its predecessor. If ‘Swagger Jagger’ was the rough then this was the smooth. Of course, both tracks are diamonds – but just think of them in different ways: ‘Swagger Jagger’ is hard like a diamond. ‘With Ur Love’ sparkles like a diamond.
Ok, I guess some ‘Swagger Jagger’ attitude is retained at the start as Cher sings ‘I keep building walls up but u tear ’em down, I’m fighting … u got an AK and ur blowin’ through, explosive’ but the song is a love song so that’s what wins through and Cher gives into love and the track builds and builds and eventually lightens and takes off like the balloons that feature so profusely in the video. Cher’s vocal ‘da da da-da dum dum, da dum dum’ sets the melody which begins and ends the track and underpins throughout. Mike Posner hops on board to lend some vocal support too. It’s lovely!!!
I wish it had landed Cher a 2nd UK No.1. But No.4 knockin’ at my door is an extremely respectable position for a fledging artist – especially given the tough competition for a high chart position at the time from the likes of Rihanna teamed with Calvin Harris and Professor Green to boot. So well and truly knockin’ at their doors was Cher – so there! It’s worth noting that ‘With Ur Love’ actually sold more copies than ‘Swagger Jagger’, which is demonstrative of the tough competition the single faced. So with this in mind I think we can say Cher has done very well!

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The video for ‘With Ur Love’ is soooooo charming sweet! Cher is in her bedroom with friends, happy and revelling in her new-found love. Then they go for a walk around London where they are followed by large heart-shaped balloons and little round ones, all with different colours which multiply in abundance as the song builds. Mike Posner stands on a rooftop set against London’s skyline and delivers his part of the song from there.

Cher looks sensational with a much more girly look than in the ‘Swagger Jagger’ video. Starry-eyed and mellifluous, Cher wears a skirt and blazer, has natural makeup and wears her hair long and over her shoulders but with a sharp undercut on the right hand side! So ha ha ha a little clue there of Cher’s feisty attitude there! The whole video is delightful!!!

myblogaboutcherlloydcom With Ur Love CD Single Scan Detail (2)

I really love the track ‘With Ur Love’. As said, it takes things in another direction to ‘Swagger Jagger’ and so giving a hint of the different avenues and directions the forthcoming album ‘Sticks + Stones’ will take us. On the track ‘With Ur Love’ Cher really gets to sing, which she acknowledged herself ‘instead of jumping around’! It’s a wonderful piece of pure pop music with elements of r&b. So sassy and inspirational!
The cd also featured an acoustic version of the track and available online was an 5-track ep which contained the lead track plus the acoustic version and extra remixes too. These were an ‘Alex Gaudino and Jason Rooney Remix’, ‘Digital Dog Radio Edit’ and a ‘Teka and Soul Force Reggae Remix’. The remixes are quite experimental and each gives the mid-tempo ‘With Ur Love’ a different treatment.
‘Alex Gaudion and Jason Rooney’ give the track an Old Skool makeover with an 808 reminiscent 4/4 kickdrum and military sounding snare. There’s squelching bass lines and atmospheric swoops and sweeps which Cher’s reverberating vocal is draped all over. It is really good! ‘Digital Dog’ breaks it all down during the verses of the songs with a simple 1/2 drumbeat and sub bass but wonderfully builds it all back up for the chorus with enchanting ethereal keyboards and strings and so keeping true to the uplifting essence of the track. 
‘Teka and Soul Force’ give the track a wonderful skippy toe tapping reggae arrangement and it works so well with Cher’s lovely vocals layered throughout. It gives the track a deliciously warm summer feel – despite the autumnal release date ha ha – and someone couldn’t resist throwing in some airhorns at the start – well, it is a reggae remix I know – but is it also a nod back to ‘Swagger Jagger’?
¿…Perhaps, it is…?

myblogaboutcherlloydcom With Ur Love CD Single Scan (2)

‘With Ur Love’ was written by Shellback, Max Miller, Savan Kotecha and Mike Posner. It went on to sell between 300,000 – 400,000 copies in the UK!
Baby u the best cuz u worked me out
 I keep building walls up but you tear them down
I’m fighting I don’t wanna like it but u know I like it
But u know I like it like it like it
Used to always think I was bullet proof
 But u got an AK and you’re blowin’ through
Explosive, u don’t even know it, I want u to know it
 I want you to know it know it know it
All of them other boys can walk away
They ain’t even in the game
Cuz they know that u own it
 U got this swag u got this attitude
Wanna hear you say my name
 Cuz you got me
Flying with ur love, shining with ur love, riding with ur love
 I feel like I’m on top of the world with ur love
One hit with ur love can’t quit with ur love so sick but so what
 I feel like I’m on top of the world with ur love
Everybody wants what I got with u
Cuz I’m standing on top with a killer view
Inspired feeling like a million, I’m one in a million
 I’m one in a million million million
I ain’t even here I’m in outer space
 Like I’m Venus ur Mars in the Milky Way
It’s crazy, what ur doing to me, how you do it to me
How u do it to me to me to me
All of the other boys can walk away
They ain’t even in the game
Cuz they know that you own it
U got this swag u got this attitude
Wanna hear you say my name
  Cuz u got me
U got it yea yea u got it
I could slow down speed it up how u want it girl
all night long
I don’t even care if you sing my songs wrong
1st date, 1st base, 2nd date, 2nd base
 3rd date, ur looking at me funny, u got a hard shell but the middle’s so yummy
Cuz u got me flying baby I’m shining baby I’m riding with ur love
One hit baby I can’t quit baby I’m so sick but so what
Cuz you got me flying baby I’m shining baby I’m riding with ur love
One hit baby I can’t quit baby I’m so sick but so what

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