Sticks + Stones # Bonus Tracks

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… there were 2 x bonus tracks available as MP3’s with ‘Sticks + Stones’ in the UK. These were tracks ‘Stay’ and ‘Talkin’ That’ …


I got this track – a cover of Shakespears Sisters ‘Stay’ – in 2012 when it was offered as an additional MP3 with purchases of ‘Sticks + Stones’ from the Cher Lloyd official UK website –
I was already interested in the song as I was totally aware of Cher performing the song on the XFactor – and omg how powerful and emotional was that! Even now I watch it on YouTube and the tears roll – it is so moving. At the time, mentor Cheryl Cole of course acknowledged that Cher can “really really sing”, and Cher can. Combining the vocal and visual impact of Marcella Detroit and Siobhan Fahey so naturally – Cher is amazing and the song feels amazing!
So it was good to have the opportunity to get this track and add it to the collection. I think Cher does absolutely right not to stray too far from the original Shakespears Sister version of the song. As to move away from this could lose the essence of the track. It needs that darkness, that rawness, that edge. So it is perfect for Cher as she is more than capable of packing a ton of emotion into every note she sings.
There are some singers who can sing but do so with all the emotion of having just found a bit of hard cheese under the fridge or a baked bean stuck in the wheel under the microwave plate!
But this is just so not the case with Cher Lloyd and if you need proof – listen to this!
You know? When I play this very loud I bawl my eyes out! (Time to get a grip huh?)
…but seriously, your eyes will not be dry – it’s as magnificent as it is beautiful … so hunt it down !
myblogaboutcherlloydcom Sticks+Stones UK CD Scan Detail (1)FACT! After Cher Lloyd performed ‘Stay’ on XFactor the original version re-entered the UK charts! It had first been there in 1992, before Cher was even born, where it was No. 1 for a whopping 8 weeks! The longest ever time a Girl Band has held the number one spot in the charts!


myblogaboutcherlloyd talkin that cover

‘Talkin’ That’

Musically, in complete contrast to ‘Stay’ was also offered ‘Talkin’ That’ – which was available from Amazon! I was heard ‘Talkin’ That’ live on the ‘Sticks + Stones’ Tour – so when I saw it available as an MP3 I was keen to snap it up!
So what’s it like?
Think ‘Dub on the Track’ and you have an idea where ‘Talkin’ That’ is. Or kinda three parts ‘Dub on the Track’ to one part ‘Swagger Jagger’!
I mention the latter because in the track, Cher again confronts the haters and faces them down completely: ‘You wanna be fly but you’re living low … say what you want, you can talk til you’re blue as the sky, haters! … all day talkin’ that mess!’  It’s a fab slab of brooding industrial dubstep with elements of later Gwen Stefani and Britney Spears. All deep, dark and moody!
It was really nice to see this regular in Cher’s UK 2012 set list recorded and a little bit of me is a little surprised it didn’t make it onto the album proper as it would have settled well alongside ‘Dub on the Track’. But we have it here so all is still good!

myblogaboutcherlloydcom Sticks + Stones UK (11)

‘Stay’ was written by Siobhan Fahey, Marcella Detroit and David A. Stewart.
‘Talkin’ That’ credits tbc x

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