Sticks + Stones UK Tour 2012 !

myblogaboutcherlloydcom sticks+stones tour mashup

I was at work when the Sticks and Stones tour was announced prompting me to immediately dump my task in hand and begin a furious check for local dates and tickets!!! It was an impressive 14 date tour around the UK xxx
My good friend and colleague Claire said she would come with me and I booked us the tickets for Birmingham Institute that very same morning – yippee!!!
I later went on to also book the final three nights of the tour at Nottingham, Swindon and Shepherd’s Bush!
Nottingham I was really excited about as it was a favourite venue – Rock City – where I had seen a number of bands before and ‘gothed up’ on a number of occasions for fun nights out! But not only that! I managed to get VVIP tickets to see Cher there which would include a visit to the sound check, meet and greet with Cher and early access to the gig. So I was completely ‘Over the Moon’ about these things!
Oh yes, and this time, I decided to leave the black nail varnish at home lol x

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