No Car at Lockdown

You know – one thing about me is I am sometimes quite happy in my own little world and I can be more than a little absent minded. I could tell you at the drop of a hat about all sorts of things from Stalin’s rise to power to subversive pop culture in the 80’s and 90’s, from the mechanisms of British government and politics to Cher Lloyd’s shoe size. But I do tend to kinda forget the everyday stuff…
… like where I am etc…
…so when we arrive back at Moat Lane car park it all looked a little dark? And omg, there are 2 enormous gates swung together, closed tight and secured with a hefty chain and a giant padlock. Claire suddenly bursts into fits of giggles and points to an enormous sign which says …
 ‘Car Park closes at 9pm’.
OMG and major oopsy – I didn’t see that sign even though it’s not much smaller than my car itself! I know earlier I had pulled into the car park really gingerly as there were people walking about and in front of me and stuff, but I should have clocked that sign! Plus the fact it was actually tells you on the ticket to check closing times as well – although that was locked inside the car and lobbed onto Freddy’s dashboard where I couldn’t see it!
All in all did I feel like wally or what!
Earlier in the evening I did have cash on me but I spent it on a really nice ‘Sticks + Stones’ tour t-shirt and a poster from a street seller… payday was 3 days away so the funds in the current account were too low to buy train tickets with, so my debit card was a no no … plus my over-cautious but better safe than sorry notion that due to pickpockets and heaven forbid, muggers (!) dictates I only ever carry the cards I think I’m gonna need meant I had no credit cards with me either! I do carry an emergency £20 in another small wallet – but that is kept in a nice and safe place – the glovebox of  the car so about as much use to me now as cold tea! Aw shucks! How was I to get back from Birmingham now!?
So I called bf but he was in a club and although I knew he would have come and got us, he couldn’t hear his phone so who else do I call when in an emergency? Yup … best call Dad – who couldn’t come out having opened a Wolfblass (well, it was a Saturday night after all), so instead, said get a cab and he’ll sort the bill… for now…
…so next time I vowed to check car park closing times ha ha! The unexpected taxi bill made for 50 reminders as to why I should.
But hey ho – was worth it to see Cher!
And Chump of the week award goes to me huh!!??

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