Thursday 12 April 2012 – Nottingham at last !


Thursday 12 April 2012 was a really special day for me! I had obtained a VVIP ticket to Cher’s gig at Nottingham Rock City which would enable me to see Cher sound-check, have a photo opportunity with Cher and have early access to the gig – so I could get to front row! It would also be the 2nd Cher Lloyd gig I had been to – and again – a bit like Birmingham HMV (Digbeth) Institute – it was at a venue I really loved!
This time is was Rock City in Nottingham! And I couldn’t wait!!!
…but at the same time I was more than a little nervous…
A couple of days before I spoke to a friend 0f mine who lived in Nottingham and told him about the evening and also mentioned what had happened with the car getting locked in at Birmingham. So he said why not park at his place as he only lives a short distance from Rock City? So I could leave the car there, get a cab into the city and back out again later and save the worry of any hassle with the car?
I did take him up on this offer as only a few months before – Monday 12 December 2011 in fact – I had driven into Nottingham with bff to see ‘The  Saturday’s’ at Nottingham’s Capital FM Arena. But I had struggled completely with Nottingham’s road network – and I think in trying to find a car-park near the venue I broke every rule in the book that night! I drove in a bus-lane, I drove in a tram-lane! I drove the wrong way on a one-way system and I drove in a pedestrian only zone! I even went over a red light omg! So I did have a bit of a mare that night, I made loads of mistakes and of course, I was not looking for a repeat of that! It made me think back to when I was learning to drive and how my instructor used to give me this look when I cocked something up! So I wonder what she would have made my performance that night? But unless she reads this she will never know lol x
So I set off around mid-day from bf’s house in West Mids and set off North for Nottingham. It was a drizzly day but I didn’t care. The traffic was moving ok and I had my ‘Sticks + Stones’ cd spinning in the player. On the passenger seat were my tickets etc where I could see them as I was not wanting to be without those! I arrived in Notts in really good time and after a quick chat with my buddy I got a cab from a company of his recommendation to Rock City! I was really looking forward to my 2nd Cher Lloyd gig and I just couldn’t wait to be there … I think I checked I had the tickets with me only about a million times …

myblogaboutcherlloydcom 120412 Nottingham VVIP Pass (2)

Pic at the top of this post ‘Cher Lloyd Sticks And Stones Tour 2012 Official VIP Experiences’ is from the website selling the tickets at the time, reached via Cher’s official UK website.

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