Going Home …

Aw wow! So I was so happy after my day today – I got to meet and greet with my favourite pop star and get right on the front row. It was wonderful day and one which I would never forget!
And I hope too that you enjoyed my videos and photos from the day too!?!
Whilst outside, I saw a street vendor selling a(n unofficial) tour t-shirt which I liked it so I had it! Then I called the taxi  company my friend had recommended to me and they sent me a cab and I returned to his house.
Very kindly, he had popped me a mini-pizza in the oven in way of a little tea so that was very nice. And after some time chatting it was time for me to head back home. My intention was to head towards the Derby and find the A38 and use that to get back to Birmingham. But because I was so excitedly telling bf all about my day on the hands free whilst driving I somehow drove to Derby and the drove all the way back to Nottingham!
See what I mean about me been absent-minded! I eventually DID get back safe and sound – just a little later than intended lol! x
What a maroon huh!

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