Cher Lloyd Live @ Shepherd’s Bush, Empire – Sunday 15 April 2012

myblogaboutcherlloydcom 120415 Shepherds Bush Ticket

The drive back from Swindon was chilled enough and the next day, I was getting ready to drive to Shepherd’s Bush for the final night of the tour x
It was a really nice sunny day and the drive was ok – I only got a little bit lost as passed Baker Street! I thought to myself I shouldn’t be all the way down so turned around and retraced my steps finding eventually the Westfield Shopping Centre where I had decided to park. From there it was only a short walk to the Empire and it was fab to be able to see go into this famous old venue. I always buy stalls tickets but this time they had all sold out so I was on level one. I went upstairs and waited in a bar. I was able to watch ‘No Lights…’ and ‘SD-Jem’ via TV monitors as I sat under a picture of Kylie Minogue at the Empire early in her career!

myblogaboutcherlloydcom 120415 Shepherds Bush Flyer (1)

Soon it was time for Cher. A really nice lady offered me a spare seat by her, we standed and chatted about Cher and other things. I said this was my 4th Cher gig and she chatted about Jedwood! She also had the most amazing digital SLR with a fantastic zoom and she was able to get some tremendous shots of Cher with!
I got quite a few photo’s of my own and quite a bit of video so this time view those posts that contain the photos and videos and enjoy.
I had a great time at Cher’s final gig of the ‘Sticks + Stones’ tour at Shepherd’s Bush Empire!

myblogaboutcherlloydcom 120415 Shepherds Bush Flyer (2)


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