Cher Lloyd Live @ Swindon Oasis Leisure Centre, Saturday 14 April 2012

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On Saturday 14 April 2012 I travelled to Swindon to see Cher Lloyd on her penultimate night of the ‘Sticks + Stones’ tour and my 3rd Cher Lloyd gig. I had never driven to Swindon before but it was a lovely day to drive. The sun was shining so off I went in the freddy-mobile …
… from the West Mids it was a really easy run with some lovely scenery etc – and I do like to get towards the SW as it’s such a nice part of the UK!
But enough of the tourist board promotions stuff – as I was there to see Cher!
I was chuffed with myself as found the venue really easy and there was lots of parking which was good!
So there I was in the venue and I decided to have a little reflection time s0 had a nice cooling carling in the bar whilst watching ‘No Lights at Lockdown’ on a flat screen. I thought to myself they are a really really good band and I hope they make it as the musicianship was nothing short of impeccable and the standard of playing was so so high. They made it look easy but of course, it is not. Their brand of feisty guitar pop with a big slice of attitude is brill.
I then trotted down to see SD-Jem and find a nice place to watch Cher from, and the venue, I was delighted to say, was rammed. I squeezed myself sort of mid way down and stopped there as had a nice little spot! Then SD-Jem appeared. Again, they were full of energy and bounce and relishing in their role of warm-up! I enjoyed their set for a 3rd time and they are such a sweet and deserving act! They were keen to get the crowd excited for Cher too! Not sure what SD-Jem means? Of course, right in the middle of the name is ‘DJ’ but does the ‘S’ stand for sibling? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t? But this brother and sister act were again delightful!


Then SD-J finished their set and it was (nearly) time for Cher. I couldn’t wait and I didn’t have to too long as soon her band were on stage. Cher opened her set with ‘Dub on the Track’ and then launched straight into ‘Grow Up’ before calming it all down with  ‘Love me for me’, which is just divine and obviously, a really special song for Cher.
The tempo was then upped with ‘Over the Moon’ and ‘Superhero’ before been eased off again slowly with ‘With Ur Love’, ‘End Up Here’ and ‘Beautiful People’ … every one of these songs was performed perfectly.
Then, tweet tweet it was time for a little chat and again Cher invited questions via Twitter (connect with me at Twitter @little_tiger_7  btw)!  After a short time spent by Cher answering questions. One of the dancers held up an iPad to take a pic of Cher and crowd to tweet. Then it was time for more music and Cher ran thru cover versions of Jason Derulo’s ‘Breathing’, Robyn’s ‘Dancing on my own’ and Avril Lavigne’s ‘Complicated’. As Cher sang each one there was no doubt in my mind – Cher has the XFactor by the bucketload!
The final part of the gig was made up of ‘Swagger Jagger’, ‘Playa Boi’ and by way of interlude, a wonderful cover version of Usher’s ‘OMG’ before Cher sang ‘Want U to Back’.
Tonight was a really good night! The sound was amazing and the venue big and airy in comparison to the Institute and Rock City. Ok, it’s not an arena but it was good to see Cher perform in a different kind of building to the previous two nights and for that reason alone the gig was special to me. I really enjoyed the Swindon gig. The people who worked there were nice and friendly too…
At the end, I shuffled out into the cool night air all happy. ‘No Lights at Lockdown were spending some time with the fans and chatting, signing autographs and so on near the exit. I slipped past them out into the night and home …
Dub on the Track
Grow Up
Love Me for Me
Over the Moon
With Ur Love
End Up Here
Beautiful People
Breathing (Jason Derulo cover)
Dancing on my Own (Robyn cover)
Complicated (Avril Lavigne cover)
Swagger Jagger
Playa Boi
OMG (Usher cover)
Talkin’ That
Want U Back

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