The End of the Tour

Set List:
Dub on the Track
Grow Up
Love Me for Me
Over the Moon
With Ur Love
End Up Here
Beautiful People
Breathing (Jason Derulo cover)
Dancing on my Own (Robyn cover)
Complicated (Avril Lavigne cover)
Swagger Jagger
Playa Boi
OMG (Usher cover)
Talkin’ That
Want U Back
The End of the Tour
So wow – during the set Cher said she wanted the last night of the tour to be the best night of the tour and that’s exactly what she made it. It was a fab gig to be at and I really believe it was the best so far x
And I loved the all the glitter that fell from the ceiling during the last song ‘Want U Back’!!!
It was a really really good night and a great finale to the ‘Sticks + Stones’ tour – Cher’s first and so far only, headlining UK tour. So I do hope there’ll be others – I’m sure there will be!
I was really happy that I had been able to go to the last 3 nights of the ‘Sticks + Stones’ tour and also the Birmingham date. All were fantastic gigs to be at and each one special to me in their own little way. Birmingham because it’s my home city as it is to Cher and also the city where Cher auditioned for X Factor. Nottingham because it’s another favourite city and venue of mine and because of the Meet and Greet experience. Swindon because it was a big new venue and a new place for me to go…
…and London, because it’s the capital and in such a famous venue too. It was great to have experienced all these things and I couldn’t wait until the next gig…
…which I knew at the time – as I shuffled out of the Empire in Shepherds Bush to find Freddy and head north back to the Midlands – would be at MFest 2012 – as I had recently obtained a ticket for that. This was a Festival date in July near Leeds, so it was nice to know that although this tour was over I would see Cher live again soon…
…and this time in my wellies!!!
Events would not pan out like this and if ya wanna know why, keep reading!

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