Tea in the Park #1

myblogaboutcherlloydcom-120706-tea-in-the-park (edit)
My ‘Tea in the Park’ ticket…
As I walked from car and approached the Festival entrance I could distinctly hear “Superhero” coming from the site so I knew Cher was there and sound-checking!!! Aw wow! I began to get really excited now!!! I knew what I had to do was get in as quickly as possible, go straight to ‘King Tut’s Wah Wah Tent’ and hopefully right to the front so to get a really good view! After all, I’d driven long enough for this so why not eh!?
It didn’t take to long to get queue to get inside and once in I beetled over to King Tut’s Tent. Crossing the area in front of the main stage, I glanced towards it to notice a huge backdrop with the words ‘The Darkness’ emblazoned across it. Billowing in the wind, it looked magnificent but I had to carry on. I got to the Wah Wah tent and quickly went inside the enormous dark cave which it was. Hurrying now I got to the front, one person away from the barrier – and I wasn’t gonna move for no one!!!
…Here is the Festival line up…



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