Dot Rotten in King Tut’s Wah Wah Tent


Inside the King Tuts Wah Wah Tent it was dark and it smelled all musty and like damp grass! But there was a fab buzzy atmosphere down at the front of the stage. Collections and ensembles of cabs and rigs sent Dubstep booming and reverberating around the place as the crowd jostled about. Cher Lloyd was the 2nd act after Dot Rotten and I couldn’t wait! But of course, I was really interested in seeing Dot Rotten too, as of course, he collaborated with Cher on ‘Dub on the Track’.
I gotta be honest! I was completely unfamiliar with the music of Dot Rotten which made this a great opportunity to find out more about this prolific artist and his brand of Grime and Hip-Hop. When the time came I have to say I loved it! Dot bounded about with tons of energy as was a slick as. He was the perfect warm up and had no trouble getting everyone whipped up. I decided I would be checking out more material by Dot Rotten as I was so impressed!
I’d of loved it if Cher had come out to run thru ‘Dub on the Track’ ha ha! But when Dot left the stage with his music still ringing in my ears and I knew in only a few moments Cher would be on stage!!!

Tea in the Park #1

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My ‘Tea in the Park’ ticket…
As I walked from car and approached the Festival entrance I could distinctly hear “Superhero” coming from the site so I knew Cher was there and sound-checking!!! Aw wow! I began to get really excited now!!! I knew what I had to do was get in as quickly as possible, go straight to ‘King Tut’s Wah Wah Tent’ and hopefully right to the front so to get a really good view! After all, I’d driven long enough for this so why not eh!?
It didn’t take to long to get queue to get inside and once in I beetled over to King Tut’s Tent. Crossing the area in front of the main stage, I glanced towards it to notice a huge backdrop with the words ‘The Darkness’ emblazoned across it. Billowing in the wind, it looked magnificent but I had to carry on. I got to the Wah Wah tent and quickly went inside the enormous dark cave which it was. Hurrying now I got to the front, one person away from the barrier – and I wasn’t gonna move for no one!!!
…Here is the Festival line up…